ABOVE: There are 9 people in this picture, called The Generals Family, which is a work by the Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo. There are nine different faces in this picture combining to make up the face of the General and to tell the story and the secrets of his life. Although perceived as a distinguished gentleman of solid stock, the images of his past betray his emergence from a peasant family and his impoverished beginnings. We see his mother and father, his wife and other members of his family, even his dog (masquerading as his hand).

ABOVE: Watch the + in the middle very closely. You should start to see a “green dot” that rotates around the circle – this dot is an illusion; the purple dots will disappear…. but they haven’t really gone. It is an after image effect, sometimes called a ‘negative retinal afterimage’ – move your head slightly, and the dots will reappear.

ABOVE: Another picture created by the Hungarian artist István Orosz. The tower is like a Möbius Strip, also called the twisted cylinder, which in this case has become a fascinating illusion of people within a tower made of stones.

ABOVE: Stare at this image for 30 seconds, then look at a blank wall or the ceiling and watch the “image” appear.

ABOVE: How many “black” dots do you see? (Actually are arn’t any black dots, only white).

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